Chuck in ya Towel!

Normally, throwing in your towel in a combat sport means that either you or your coach has given up on the game but, this was a charity event that caught my eye.  I thought it might be good to turn ‘chucking your towel in’ into something good for our club.

Brisbane’s homeless are supported by an organisation called the ‘139 Club’ that operates out of Fortitude Valley.  They provide a ‘drop in’ centre, among other services, and I found out about them through a Facebook promotion.  Their appeal was for towels because  part of the service they provide allows people to use the facility to shower and ‘clean up’ to be presentable for employment and housing opportunities.  The centre currently uses 40-50 towels per day, a staggering number when you think about it.  As it turns out, 139 Club is an organisation also supported by Taekwondo Queensland’s new Independent Chair, Allison Golsby (not that I knew that at the time).

So I promoted the idea to my Kedron, Zillmere and Mitchelton classes and mentioned it on our club Facebook page giving everyone just 2 weeks to get their towels in as I wanted to give the March promotion a ‘kick start’ from Taekwondo.  In they came!  Several of my students brought in towels and a few came in from our wider Yun Hap community, which was exciting to see.  We ended up with 42 towels with a mixture of new and quality used towels in the mix.

On the Wednesday afternoon of the 2nd week of my time-frame I delivered the towels to 139 Club premises and was stunned by the size of the facility and the number of people around the place.  I’m pleased to say that Yun Hap has contributed a day’s towel supply for 139 Club and it’s great to think that this quick and easy gesture on our part will make a difference in the lives of people who have clearly had a lot of challenges in their lives, as well as helping the volunteers and staff who work for 139 Club.

Kate Eggar

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