The Benefits of Taekwondo


This list is prepared from published research and anecdotal reports from parents.

  • Children who practice Taekwondo develop a high degree of self-respect
  • Taekwondo builds their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline
  • Participants gain confidence by finding that they can achieve their goals by practice and perseverance
  • Manners are always a focus - with expectations in and out of classes
  • Leadership abilities are developed through training activities
  • Students set and achieve goals
  • Concentration skills are honed regularly
  • Parents observe better grades in school plus increased attendance
  • With progressive training children become more enthusiastic and optimistic
  • Students develop a “Yes, I can” attitude
  • Our students learn to take responsibility for their actions
  • We develop the strength to say “NO” to unhealthy peer pressure
  • Motor skills, coordination, and strength come through better fitness
  • We work on skills for physical and mental self-defence
  • Our participants learn how to defend themselves and avoid being in vulnerable situations

Selected References:

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