Welcome to Yun Hap Taekwondo

Yun Hap Taekwondo Club Inc. is a club that promotes goodwill and harmony among its instructors and students alike, providing a healthy environment of growth, for achievement through the study of Martial Arts.

Our Mission is to provide an enjoyable environment fo the study of Taekwondo within our clubs, where students can achieve to the best of their abilities.

We assist out students to achieve by facilitating advancement through the ranks of Taekwondo on a regular basis and through exposing them to a wide range of experiences in training, martial art participation and competition.

Important dates for 2014

Grading dates

March 28 & 29
June 27 & 28
September 12 & 13
December 12 & 13

Yun Hap Tournament

10th August at Capalaba PCYC

Training Camp

17 to 19 October

New club opening at Daisy Hill

Great news – Rebecca and Ken Chalk are starting up a new club next week at Slacks Creek State School. They have heaps of support from the school which is fantastic. They are doing a demo next Friday during the school assembly at 9am. Wayne has offered to get on the microphone so Rebecca and Ken can just kick and throw each other around.

Class details are: Slacks Creek State School
Daisy Hill Road, Daisy Hill
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:15-8:15pm

Yun Hap Tournament 2013

On Sunday 21 July 2013 Yun Hap Taekwondo is holding its annual Tournament at Redlands PCYC (cnr Mt Cotton & Degen Rd, Capalaba)

The Yun Hap Tournament is part of the State Association’s calendar and is our flagship event inviting different clubs from all over Queensland to attend to test themselves against other competitors in patterns, sparring and other disciplines.

Competitors can present their skills in Poomsae (patterns), sparring as well as a jumping front kick competition (entries on the day).

Our Tournament is a great opportunity for novice students who have never entered a tournament and modified rules apply in junior divisions and on request for new competitors. Everyone is well looked after and there are many people at hand to point the right direction on the day.

Yun Hap instructors and students put loads of effort into the event to ensure the competition runs smoothly and professionally with a strong focus on player safety.

Come along and challenge yourself at our tournament.

Download the Yun Hap tournament 2013 entry package here

South side Advanced Class May 10th 2013

The first south side advanced class for 2013 is all set for May 10

All belts levels are welcome to attend. It is not for advanced students, it is advanced training. If you come you will work hard and have to keep up!

Advanced Class May 2013

Training Camp October 2013

This year we are expanding our horizons and trying something new! While not losing all the fun of training on the beach, we are adding some extras to the weekend.

Team activities and fun challenges, games, a massage class, pool and lots of other ways to spend your time! Please read the attached information pack carefully and if you have any questions, speak to your Instructor.

Download the info pack here

Mal Tweedie teaches Taekwondo in the Soloman Islands

John Wilsons black belt student Mal Tweedie has been working in the Soloman Islands for the past few years. He has been helping the Soloman Island community with their Taekwondo training.

Yun Hap wishes Mal and the Soloman Island community all the best with their Taekwondo training.

Well done Mal